Heat recovery leads to remarkable savings in energy and cost at Cancun resort

Crown Paradise Cancun - a popular resort in Mexico - hired Ecochillers, a manufacturer of chillers and condensing units, to provide a more efficient heating system that better served their needs. With the help of a SWEP heat recovery solution, they got a dependable and efficient system with low maintenance and highly notable savings in energy and cost.

Case details

Before the installation of SWEP BPHEs (Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers), the resort had no heat recovery process in place. Instead, they were using a boiler that operated day and night at full capacity for all their hot water needs. The previous solution sent hot water from the condenser outlets to a cooling tower for the heat to then be dumped – wasting the heat. At the same time, water for the pools and hotel’s water tanks were being heated by the boiler system. The resort leadership knew that there had to be a more energy efficient way to provide this heating, so they decided to enlist the help of Ecochillers to suggest a more resourceful, effective and economical solution. 

As part of the solution, four SWEP DP400x142 models were installed as evaporators on site that now help to cool the water supply to the Trane chiller. The evaporator inlet temperatures are 52°C (126°F) and outlet temperatures are 30°C (86°F). The chiller now operates more efficiently with the lower outlet temperature of the SWEP BPHEs.


         SWEP DB400Hx142 models installed as condensors on site for heat recovery


In addition to the BPHEs being used as Heat Recovery in this system, there are also (18) SWEP Minex titanium units installed that aid in the chlorine water pool heating aspect of the heat recovery process.  The SWEP Minex units have now made it possible for the pools to reach 28°C (82°F) and the jacuzzies to reach 38°C (100°F) in just 5 hours and maintain the pool temperatures.  Now, rather than sending hot water out from the condenser to a well or a tower, heat is being pulled into a water heating loop by the SWEP BPHEs. This 50°C (122°F) hot water outlet is divided between heating the pools and providing water for the hot water tank used to supply the rest of the complex.


         A couple of the (18) SWEP Minex units that are installed onsite for pool heating



      Since the install of SWEP BPHEs, the pools now reach the desired temperatures


As an added benefit the new design reduces the average water temperature going back to the condenser from 40°C to 35°C (104°F to 95°F). With this reduction, the condensers are more efficient and able to reduce the condenser water pump flow rate due to the higher temperature difference between the two sides. The chiller cooling capacity is also increased with the lower water supply temperature.


 Results & conclusion

With the heat recovery process now in place, and thanks to SWEP BPHEs, the boiler currently only operates at 20% capacity for a few hours a day. This optimized solution provides hot water 24 hours a day for the 600 guest rooms, pools, kitchens, and 12 restaurants, while the boiler now only works to generate steam for the laundry on site.  More advantages resulting from this highly efficient new system include:

  • Chiller discharge pressure reduced by 5%
  • Reduced maintenance costs for boilers and condensing water pumps
  • 20% energy savings on water pump with less GPM per ton required


In addition to providing a more energy efficient and sustainable solution, Ecochillers and SWEP were also able to reduce the customers costs by up to $180,000 USD a year.  SWEP is proud to have collaborated with Ecochillers on this project and we look forward to future opportunities like this where we can recover heat and help provide more energy efficient solutions in processes around the globe.


About Ecochillers

Ecochillers is an international company with headquarters in Mexico and Austin TX, manufacturing chillers for solutions in refrigeration systems, plastic materials, food, pharmaceuticals, machinery instruments, industrial processes and air conditioning.  Their Ecogreen® brand is available in a variety of types and models including chillers from 1 to 3,000 tons, scroll, Screw semi hermetic, package type equipment and complete projects. 

When this project called for a more modern and efficient heating solution, Ecochillers knew that SWEP was the perfect heat transfer partner to make this happen.  SWEP’s mission is to lead the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer applications, constantly creating more from less energy, material and space so we are always looking for opportunities across the globe to ‘Challenge Efficiency’.