2014 VOC survey iPad winner announced

Customers who respond to our annual VOC (Voice of the Customer) survey are entered into a prize draw which gives them the chance to win an iPad. 2014's lucky winner has been announced: Mr Thomas Ullberg.

Thomas Ullberg is an Application Engineer at Parker and works in the hydraulic side of the business.

He accepted his new iPad from Christer Frennfelt, our Dealer Manager for HUB Northern Europe. Christer took the opportunity to learn more about Parkers views on SWEP’s BPHE’s and about working with SWEP. Thomas commented:

“I’m working with the technical support side of things here at Parker and SWEP’s brazed plated heat exchangers complement our air cooling side of the business.

SWEP are always a great support and provide us with quick answers and great tools to work with such as their SSP platform. It is important for Parker to offer the complete range of oil cooling in our hydraulic side of the business and SWEP’s brazed plated heat exchangers enable us to complete our range in a cost efficient way.

SWEP’s lightweight and compact “Brazed” product enables us to reach different applications.”

We in turn are grateful for the valuable feedback from customers like Thomas.