SWEP hosts guest lecture at Lund Technical University, Sweden

Vijaya Sekhar Gullapalli, Manager SSP Core Development at SWEP, has started a tradition to participate in a guest lecture at Lund Technical University (LTH) - department of mechanical engineering.

Lund Technical University (LTH)

The lecture given in February 2019 was split into two continuous sessions. In the first session, the topics were: design, construction of brazed plate heat exchangers, benefits and challenges in using BPHEs, simulation tools, calculation methods for various applications. Throughout the second session the topics were: the stages in new product development and how we use multi-objective optimization to develop new Products.

VijayaVijaya Sekhar Gullapalli comments: "I greatly enjoy being able to engage with the academia through this way. The masters program at LTH in mechanical engineering is of high standard and I see the potential of the students being our next colleagues."