Carbon footprint reduction on track

SWEP is working to reduce carbon emissions every day to move us towards a committed goal of becoming carbon neutral by latest 2030. 

As a key metric measuring progress, we track the CO2 that is emitted for every Kg of heat exchanger we produce. We also use KPI’s and reduction targets to track our 3 main emissions sources: electricity, freight and business travel.

Since we started measuring our carbon footprints in 2017, we have managed to reduce emissions per approved kg BPHE by over 20%, thereby certifying SWEP as a carbon reduced organization.

The Carbon Footprint certification goes hand-in-hand with SWEP’s overall sustainability efforts, working continuously towards specific the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of our ongoing initiatives are:

  • Switching to renewable electricity in locations where that is available
  • Investigating waste heat recovery from furnaces to heat premises
  • Actions to improve energy efficiency in production
  • Investigating greener freight options with our forwarders

Read more on our goals, efforts and results in the 2019 Sustainability Report