Heat waste recovery yielding higher production volume and cooling capacity

Calefa Oy is a Finnish based solution provider for industrial waste heat recovery with a mission to improve industrial processes by utilizing waste heat offering energy and cost saving solutions for customers, for example through heat recovery with industrial heat pumps.

Reducing waste heat from adhesive production

When Kiilto; chemical solutions supplier with production facilities for adhesive and construction industry in Lempäälä turned to Calefa to reduce waste heat from adhesive production, SWEP became part of the new Hybrid system solution supplied by Calefa. The ability to control correct temperatures and flows is crucial in
the production of silicone and adhesives.

Reducing waste heat from adhesive production at the Kiilto plan where SWEP became part of the new Hybrid system solution supplied by Calefa.

Achieving cost effective heat transfer

Looking to achieve cost effective heat transfer with as low pressure drops as possible, SWEP was able to provide very customer specific units. There needed to be a metering connection (int thread ½”) in both units to serve as circuit breaking units between a brine circuit and cooling water circuit and between a heat recovery water circuit and glycol circuit.

The Kiilto project was completed in two stages 2018/2019 and has already yielded multiple benefits including:

• 150kEUR annual energy cost reduction
• Yearly CO2 emissions decreased 500 tons
• Improved operational performance keeping the process cooling water temperature stable through increased cooling capacity
• Improved process quality through more stable process cooling temperature
• Increased production volume