Your future at SWEP

We are continuously expanding, and we regard students as an important asset in keeping our world-leading position in heat transfer. A good starting point for a position with us is to have the ambition to shape and influence your future work.

Master's thesis

The majority of our theses are worked on in the Research & Development department, usually in a partnership between SWEP and various universities. However, there is also the possibility of working on a thesis in other SWEP departments, for example Operations or Marketing. Contact us and tell us exactly what you're interested in. Come up with your own proposal for work, or ask us for suggested projects. We look forward to working with you.

For more information, please contact our HR department.

Our departments

You'll find a number of different opportunities at SWEP. Read more about SWEP's various exciting departments below:

Research and Development

The task of Research and Development (R&D) is to solve customers' needs. The focus in R&D is therefore on developing not only new world-class products, but also complete solutions for customers, e.g. new software tools. For our Sales and Marketing organization we provide product support and PC-based sales support software. More widely, we drive cost efficiency activities to ensure product profitability in line with SWEP's overall profitability goals.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing (S&M) deals with technical sales and support for our customers. We cover every aspect of marketing and sales. We have a large product offer, and all our products can be customized, so good product and application knowledge are essential. S&M uses technically advanced aids such as a well-developed product selector and drawing generator. The work of S&M also includes strategic planning and marketing, along with the creation of new customer contacts.

Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration (F&A) is a partner with a high level of financial competence for other functions within SWEP. We ensure and facilitate compliance with internal operating procedures and internal/external reporting requirements. We also support management by reporting and analyzing sales, production, and company performance. F&A is responsible for procuring strategic materials such as steel and copper, and for developing and supporting efficient logistics and forwarding solutions.


The fundamental task of the IT department is to help the rest of the organization work efficiently and to improve that efficiency continuously. We provide facilities for communication and cooperation, both internally and externally. We also provide tools for developing and executing the company's various business processes as efficiently as possible. We operate and implement hardware and software, including training, and facilitate the design of the major business processes.

Human Resources

The SWEP group's most important asset is its people. SWEP aims to employ people with above-average abilities who can contribute to the growth of the group and who can be developed to enable them to handle increased workloads and more complex tasks. SWEP actively encourages employees by providing training, education, and job opportunities that will encourage internationally oriented, professional, and experienced people.


Operations is responsible for the supply chain for SWEP's compact brazed plate heat exchangers, from sourcing components through BPHE manufacturing to on-time delivery to our customers. The brazed plate heat exchangers is a high-technology product that requires us to work relentlessly on improving our production equipment, processes, and competences. SWEP is a quickly growing company, which means the tempo of new product introductions is rapid and further emphasizes the requirement for efficient production to meet our customers' demands for cost, delivery, and quality.

Our activities and programs are derived from SWEP's strategic aims, our shared objectives in Operations and SWEP's mission of being the leading manufacturer of brazed heat exchangers for the global market.