Earth Day 2023 - SWEP’s Environmental Investments

For 40 years, SWEP has been enabling sustainable solutions through our brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). Our sustainability journey pushes us to challenge efficiency, not only in our products ­– but also in our company operations. 

Our products are propelling the move towards greener technologies such as heat pumps and fuel cell solutions. We pride ourselves in offering sustainably sourced products which are made from a high percentage of recycled materials. Our sustainability journey pushes us to challenge efficiency in our products as well as in our manufacturing facilities located globally.

SWEP has a long tradition of participating in Earth Day celebrations, but we don’t just talk about the environment one day a year – we work to reduce our impact on the environment every single day. For the second year in a row, the theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Invest in our planet”, a motto SWEP wholeheartedly supports. One of our strategic goals is to achieve carbon neutrality in scope 1 and 2 by 2023, and we are continuously investing to realize this ambition. So far in 2023, we have already completed several investments to help us progress on our journey to carbon neutrality.

In the first quarter of 2023, our plants in Slovakia and Malaysia have completed installation of solar panels which will provide a total of nearly 700 MWh of renewable energy for our manufacturing processes. Generating our own renewable energy is a key activity that will help us reduce our emissions from electricity. Our future investment plans include solar panels and waste heat recovery solutions at more of our plants around the world.

                         Solar installation at our SWEP Kosice (Slovakia) factory 


                    Solar installation at our SWEP Kuala Lumpur (Maylasia) factory


In combination with renewable energy investments, we are continuously working on improving our energy efficiency. One example from the first quarter of 2023 is a ventilation upgrade at our plant in Sweden that is estimated to reduce our energy consumption by 220 MWh. Our further plans for energy efficiency improvements include investments in new manufacturing equipment and optimization of our global manufacturing processes.

Our focus when it comes to energy goes further than energy efficiency and creating renewable energy. We realize that there will be energy that we can’t reduce or generate ourselves and we are proud of the fact that we already purchase a large amount of renewable energy. On average, 69% of our electricity is renewable. Our long-term plan is to continue to increase the share of our energy that comes from renewable sources.

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